Hey there! =)
My Name is Rekha Mistry
Im studying my final year of Graphic Communication at Norwich University College of the Arts.

19th July 2012

Video with 4 notes

Part 1 of my FMP…..finally got it on vimeo! =)

This animation was part of my final major project which was based on a campaign promoting an iconic movie through the Picture House Cinema Chain. To use codes and hidden messages as a way to reveal the plot of the movie.

It was my first project where I learnt to use After Effects CS5 and I think i did a pretty good job as it was my first time animating! =)

- Amazing illustrator I collaborated with! - Matthew Brazier - matthewbrazier.tumblr.com
- Amazing voiceovers - Simon Jefferis, David Clulow and Natasha Thiele

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